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 Financial Engineering, The Evolution of a Profession 
Tanya S. Beder and Cara Marshall, June 2011, Wiley Publishing

Portable THIS environment?

(tbp May 2008) (with Giovanni Beliossi)

How Large Could The Hedge Fund Industry Grow?
An Analysis of Equity Short Constraints and Industry Capacity

Citigroup Alternative Investments Research, August 2005
(with Vineet Budhraja, Rui de Figueiredo and Ryan Meredith)

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25th Anniversary Special Issue, May 1999: 28-34

Vignettes on VaR, Journal of Financial Engineering
Vol. 1, No. 2, Dec 1998, Vol. 7, Number 4
(with Michael Minnich, Hubert Shen and Jodi Stanton)
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Concerning the Progress of Financial Firms in Managing Y2K
United States Senate Special Committee
on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
New York, NY, July 6, 1998

The Changing Face of Financial Institutions
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Paris, 7-8 July, 1997

The Good, The Bad – and The Ugly
Credit Derivatives Supplement in Risk Magazine, July 1997: 30-34

What We’ve Learned About Derivatives Risk in the 1990s
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Risk Standards for Institutional Managers and Institutional Investors
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Guidelines for A Brave New Pension World
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VAR: Seductive but Dangerous
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Financial Derivatives
Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance
United States House of Representatives, July, 1994

Derivatives: The Realities of Marking to Model
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Equity Derivatives for Investors
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How to Do Interest Rate Swaps
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Publications: Book Chapters


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